Jens Buchert on the TeNo Style Lounge:
“I am a musician and TeNo is a producer of jewelry and yet we both speak the same language. A language of the senses. Hearing and vision are merged into one audio-visual symbiosis that is expressed in music.

Like TeNo, I combine intuitive, creative energies with craftsmanship and traditional skills with state-of-the-art technology. In this way, tonal elements and structures of electronic music on acoustic instruments grow into something new and individual.

"talking but listening" is a mirror of the pleasantries in our everyday bustle: talking, chatting, and having fun. Relaxing. Positively stimulated and enveloped in emotive music from “Style Lounge”.
Choosing between being an interested listener, discovering moods, or just letting go. Simply feel music as a pleasant accompaniment. Music for individualists. Just as one pleases … DISCOVER YOUR DESIRE!

TeNo has become established as a global player in no time. In our high-tech factories in Germany, we produce jewelry, watches, and accessories for people who value individuality. You can find TeNo stores in major cities of the world such as Las Vegas, Miami, and New York as well as in 20 countries around the globe. TeNo – jewelry for people who combine style and good taste.
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01 Sunseek [1.481 KB]
02 Mélange Eléctrique [1.341 KB]
03 Plastic Heart [1.001 KB]
04 Bamboo Sun [1.266 KB]
05 Crypton (Lounge Mix) [1.461 KB]
06 Bug In Mind [1.428 KB]
07 Jade [1.383 KB]
08 Wendy [205 KB]
09 No Smokin [1.397 KB]
10 Sleepmode [770 KB]
11 Ambiliance [1.357 KB]

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Style Lounge (special edition) - Jens Buchert