In the area of Electronic Music like Electronica, Chillhouse, Downbeat, in the spheres of Ambient, Trip Hop and in the widths of Chillout and the realm of first class innovative Sounds, Jens Buchert - the "Sound Wizard" is one of the most talented musicians in these genres.
Meanwhile he's a Electronic Music veteran - "Electronic Deep Moods Music at its best" is his attitude.

Since more than 25 years the musician, producer, videoartist and film scientist is involved in electronic deep moods music with his heart and soul.
The radio station “Chillout2NewYork” called him the “Wizard of Sounds”, because of his well-known sound creations.

He is represented on more than 20 albums and 300 famous music compilations. Meanwhile his music is heard worldwide – if it is in the boarding program of Airlines, in feature films, , commercials, in the BR-Space Night show, in Internetradios like SomaFM, in documentary films, tv-spots and compilations from CAMPARI, PORSCHE, AUDI, FABERGÉ, etc.

Under his and his pseudonym Dakini Mandarava he has aslo released several Yoga-, Meditation- and Relaxation music, used by YOGA-centers, QI GONG schools, spa's, meditation centers and pedagogical institutes.

enjoy listening.

Jens Buchert has composed many music titles for movies, cinema trailers, feature films, tv-productions, documentaries, advertisements, radiospots, CDs and multimedia events.
Customer's are for example Warner Brothers Studios, ARD, ZDF, HR, BR, MDR, RBB, SR, SWR, Arte, ORF, 3-Sat, Cable France, France 5, KabelEins, Microsoft, BMW, Porsche, Daimler, Audi, Deutsche Welle, RTL, American Airlines, Fabergé, Boss, Teno, Max, Deluxe TV, Amcos Ltd., TW1, Bavaria Film...